Pay Attention

Pay Attention!!!In Texas if you are age 16 or under, you are required to take an “Enhanced” or “Basic” hunter education course to receive hunter education certification.  Both courses provide hands-on instruction.*

"Enhanced" hunter education courses consist of a FREE online portion and a 4-hour field class including a hunter skills trail and “live fire.”  Do NOT pay for a course online; course fees are collected at the field class site of the course.

"Basic" hunter education courses consist of a 1-day class not to exceed 6 hours of instruction.  Fees are typically collected at the time and site of the class.

The website you are about to enter,, lists only Enhanced "Enhanced" hunter education courses with field classes conducted by instructor Steve Russell.  Links to other "Enhanced" and "Basic" courses are displayed in this website to assist you in finding a course convenient to your personal schedule.
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If you are age 17 or older, you may take any of the course types above OR an “online only” course for an online, varying fee from course to course.  Instructors overwhelmingly discourage this type of course because it lacks instructor-participant interaction and hands-on instruction.  This type of course is NOT recommended for new or young hunters.

*”Advanced” hunter education courses are not yet clearly defined and may, or may NOT, lead to hunter education certification.