Pay Attention


Well, not entirely. But I will not be holding any more classes for the
remainder of 2014. Last January I was elected President of the Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association (THEIA), and I will be spending the rest of th2 year improving that organization and assisting other instructors "to make the safest sport even safer."

If you need hunter education, check this website for Basic and Advanced
hunter education courses that require no online preparation:

Or check this website for Enhanced courses, online work plus a field class:

Whatever course you choose, be sure to contact the instructor as directed on the website for details about the course you choose.

Until next spring when I roll out a new website with new classes and
resources for hunters, I will see you in the woods and fields of Texas. I
wish you good and safe hunting!

NOTE: Need a place to hunt or someone or group of hunters with whom to go hunting? Click here.

Steve Russell
Texas Hunter Education Instructors Association
2014 Inductee, Instructor "Hall of Fame" 903-530-4338

*”Advanced” hunter education courses are not yet clearly defined and may, or may NOT, lead to hunter education certification.